What’s the best type of fence for your yard?

Many times, customers tell us what type of fence they want. They want the beauty of a wood fence, or the low-maintenance of vinyl, or the lower cost of chain-link. But sometimes, the type of fence you might want isn’t necessarily the type of fence you really need. Is your yard sloped or flat? Are there trees or plants to work around? Is it because of a dog, or a pool, or little children? How long are you planning to live in your home….a few years, or 40 years? Is it for privacy? Are you concerned about recouping your investment?

Those are just some of the questions we’ll ask you when we give you an estimate. And you can count on us recommending the right type of fence for your needs. Even if that means less money for us.

Understanding Underground

The part of your fence that you never see may be the most important part. You see what’s aboveground….which is most of your fence. But the posts that are underground are critical to keeping your fence level and making it last. Some fence companies cut corners when it comes to digging the holes for fence posts. Because let’s face it, that’s hard work….and time consuming. The more time you spend digging, the more it cuts into the profits of the job. B & B Fence doesn’t cut corners. If we have to go three feet deep, that’s what we do. In fact, we rarely dig a hole that’s less than three feet. That’s one of the reasons our fences last as long as they do.

Know your dog

One of the most common reasons people get their yard fenced in is because they have a dog. We get calls all the time from people who have just gotten a puppy or moved to a new home, and needed a fence for their pooch. Fences keep our dogs in, and other animals out. Plus, let’s face it, in a Western New York winter there are plenty of days we’d rather just open the back door to let our pet out than bundle up and go for a walk. But how well do you know your dog? Is it a jumper? Is it a digger or a squirmer? That will determine what type of fence you get, and how close the bottom is to the ground. A good fence company will always ask you questions like that.

Materials matter

Chances are, you don’t know or care about the difference between the types of wire used in chain link fences. But we do. And here’s a tip. The smaller the gauge, the better the fence. Even one size makes a difference. Many fence companies use 9-gauge wire. B & B Fence uses 8. It makes a difference in how well your fence holds up. It costs us a little more, but we don’t pass that added cost along to you……we think it’s just the right thing to do. The same with wood. When we install a wood fence, we use 4×4 posts. True 4×4’s. There are other companies that will use smaller. And that will affect the life of your fence. Quality materials matter. When choosing a fence company, make sure you know your fence is constructed.

Does a fence add value to your home?

A fence isn’t just something you need or want for your home. It’s also an investment. And any time you spend money on your home, you want to know if it’s going to pay off when the day comes that you sell your home. When it comes to fences, in the vast majority of the time the answer is yes. If you put in a wood fence, it adds privacy and it looks great. Vinyl looks nice and it’s low maintenance. All of those are big selling points. If it’s a galvanized chain link or coated fence, your yard is safe for children and pets. And most people buying a house are parents or pet owners or both. When people buy a house, they’re often going to have to spend money on painting, carpeting, etc….and if they don’t have to pay to install a fence, that’s a selling point. On the other hand, not having a fence could hurt you when you sell your home…..for example, if you live in a neighborhood where most of the yards are fenced in and yours isn’t. The bottom line is a fence is a good investment….you’ll get the use out of it while you live in your home, and it will help you when you’re ready to sell.

How maintenance free is it?

Many of our customers are looking at vinyl fencing. And even though it can be among the most expensive fencing, it makes sense for a lot of people. If you’re planning to live in your home for a long time, vinyl is extremely durable. And it’s low maintenance. But that doesn’t mean it’s totally maintenance free. No, you don’t have to treat it periodically or even regularly like wood fencing, but you do have to clean it from time to time. A quick once-over with a hose can go a long way. And let’s not forget the lawnmower…..if you have a lawn service, sometimes that big mower whacks your fence. (or sometimes your teenage son does it) Weed whackers too. And next thing you know you have green or black marks on your white fence. Getting to them sooner than later will make a big difference in preserving the vinyl. Maintenance free? Only if you don’t want to take advantage of vinyl’s durability and long life.

Service matters

We’ve had many customers who came to us after a bad experience with a previous fence company. They’ve told us stories about waiting for weeks or even months to get their fence installed. They’ve told us about problems which took forever to get resolved….or were never resolved at all. When you’re in business, your reputation is everything. It takes a long time to build a good reputation. B & B Fence has built that kind of reputation, one fence at a time. In our more than 11 years in business, we’ve treated every customer as if they were our only one. And
our most important. When you choose a fence company, they need to deliver on their promises. If they say they’ll be there in two weeks to install your fence, they’d better be there. If they say the job will take three days, it better not take a week. We’re very proud of our on-time record. Unless there are extreme weather issues, we get started and we’re finished when we say we will. And by the way, we give your yard a thorough clean-up when we’re done. We hate to tell you how many companies don’t do that.

Pride in workmanship

You take pride in your home. When you hire someone to do work for you, you want the end result to be something you can be proud of. At B & B Fence, we take pride in what we do. We’re very proud of our workmanship. And our craftsmanship. There’s a lot of pre-fab materials in fencing. And a lot of the big companies work on volume….they have a quota of jobs they need to get, and they need to get them done quickly. So workmanship can suffer. When you choose B and B Fence, you get craftsmen. When we build a wood fence, we don’t just take pre-fabricated panels and hammer them into place. Every fence company measures before they drill holes for the posts. Once the posts are in, we measure again….and make sure everything fits just right. Some companies actually wedge the wood in even if it’s too tight. That only leads to panels that loosen up or warp, and maintenance issues down the road. If you’re choosing a wood fence, workmanship matters.

Be a good gatekeeper

You know those scary movies, where a squeaky gate is an indication that something bad is about to happen? If your gate is squeaking, it’s a warning sign to you. It could be as simple as needing lubrication….or it could also mean things aren’t lining up properly, or something is going to break. If a gate isn’t installed properly in the first place, it isn’t going to last. If the posts weren’t drilled deep enough, or they aren’t level, or any measurement is off slightly, it will affect how well the gate works and how long it will last. Also if it isn’t used properly. How many times have you seen a gate that’s just swinging in the breeze and the bar is slamming against the latch? At B & B Fence, we take every step to make sure we install your gate perfectly….and then we take extra steps to make sure you know how to use it properly. Not every fence company does that. It may sound simple, but failing to do it can lead to complications….not to mention repairs or even replacement.

Bigger isn’t always better

We get it. Everyone likes to save money. We’re always looking for deals. Or coupons. And a fence can be a big investment. Many people think going with the big guys is the way to go. And let’s face it, the big box stores and national chains work on volume, so they can come in with a
lower price. But it isn’t necessarily that much lower. And if you have a problem, you’re calling some 800 number and talking to someone you’ve never talked to before. B & B fence may be a smaller company, but we’ve done big jobs. At a competitive price. And you get something more with us. You’re dealing directly with the owners. In fact, Tom is the guy working in your yard. If he’s not hammering or digging or drilling, he’s there to make sure the job is going right. We have very good employees, and some of them have been with us since the beginning. Not only are we a family-owned business, our crew is like a family as well. All of that benefits you. Sometimes the lowest price isn’t the best deal.